My Bucket List

Here is my list in no particular order:

  1. Go for Hajj
  2. Memorize 3 juz
  3. Parler bien le Français
  4. Finish 300 books
  5. Travel to South Korea with my family (not only my husband and son, but also mom, dad and my sister)
  6. Get an award as a website designer
  7. Develop an app
  8. Know how to knit
  9. Ride hot air balloon
  10. Travel to all large islands in Indonesia
  11. Visit all states in US
  12. Purchase our first home
  13. Run a marathon
  14. Visit all seven continents
  15. Eat sushi in Japan

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flangiprop!.”


Definitions of flangiprop
     an act of falling from the bed.
     “She had flangiprop because of a bad dream.”
     accidentally move downward from the bed.
     “My son woke up crying after flangipropping in the middle of the night.”

Book Cover

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Binding Judgment.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is such a well known quote that is not really fit the practice. Boldly, I always judge the books from their cover. Hey, what a cover used for, then? For me, a serious author should put a decent looking cover for his/her book. A cover give pretty much hint of what we can expect from the book; It determine whether someone will peek the book or not (bringing it to the cashier is another case).