For an avid reader, finding an affordable place to buy the great selection of books is a luxury. Located on Hillsborough Street (1/2 block from Cup a Joe, just across Pizza Hut), Reader’s corner is conveniently accessible with its decent parking lot. It sells bunch of books, CDs and Vinyls; some of them are crisp new.

Yesterday was my first time there. First thing you see when visit this place is hundreds of books on the shelves outside the store. You might find novels, medical books, carton books, travel guide, and other kind of reading materials, plus some vinyls with price as cheap as 10 and 25 cents. The store itself is quite small, but full of books. Near the cashier, they have bunch of CDs (mostly classic), nicely arrange alphabetically, and collection of $1 books. They also sell old maps and advertisements. Beside the huge selections of books as the main attraction of this place, you can wander around the store enjoying pictures, letters and scrap of comics from newspaper that were posted on the shelves.

I bought 6 books and 2 CDs for $14.xx; one of the CDs was sealed. It was an entertaining experience.


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